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(3rd Gen) SmartCuffs® Pre-Order

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Arms or Legs Pair (2 Cuffs)



Full Body (4 Cuffs)



PRO Model

(Recommended for Health Professionals)

$499 - $1,500

(Pump Only Retail $499)
(6 Cuffs Retail $995)
(12 Cuffs Retail $1500)

How To Size Your Cuffs

  • Small = Average size for Arm (17" and less)
  • Medium = Large Arm/Small Leg (17.5" - 23")
  • Large = Average size for Leg (23.5" and over)
Measuring of Arm cuff:
Measure the circumference of the space between your shoulder and bicep.

Measuring of Leg cuff:
Measure the circumference of your thigh closest to your hip.




Blood flow restriction training (BFR) is traditionally used in rehabilitation centers, since the process of restricting blood flow to your muscles can actually minimize loss of muscle mass. Additionally, this reduces stress on your joints since BFR is practiced primarily with low intensity resistance training. 



Automated pump - Our new electronic pump system allows any user to set their specific LOP% (Limb Occlusion Pressure). By taking a percentage of LOP, the user can objectively know how much they are restricting blood flow for their given body structure. This is critical since LOP’s vary wildly from person to person. This takes out all the guessing for a truly easy and quick experience. 


Safety - This model has built in safety mechanisms. When in “Manual Mode”, the user can inflate to any given pressure they choose, however, if overinflated and the system senses occlusion, it will vent all the air in the cuff and shut down. 


SmartCuffs - The Cuffs on this consumer model are very different than our current model of SmartCuffs. Sporting a more sleek and narrow design (2.5 inches wide) allows for more freedom of movement for the muscles. The wildly popular detachable hose capability is also featured on this Cuff design so gone are the days of tethered BFR.


SmartCuffs® vs. SmartCuffs Pro®: What’s the difference? 


The SmartCuffs Pro® model was designed with one person in mind: the healthcare professional. Whether you are a personal trainer, strength coach, or licensed professional this model was built with your needs in mind. 


  • AutoRegulate mode: The main feature that sets it apart from the consumer model. This option will allow the user to maintain the pre-set LOP % pressure throughout the exercise duration. 
  • Auto-LOP mode: The same mode found in the consumer model allows for more time efficient and worry free LOP calculation. With the built-in doppler, there is no need for an external doppler probe.
  • IPC & PEIC modes: Built into the software, these modes can be easily performed pre & post activity by the user. 
  • Li-Ion battery: Gone are the days of using NiCad batteries that self-discharge and burnout after a year. Both SmartCuffs® and SmartCuffs Pro® models feature the latest Li-Ion batteries to withstand rigorous use and provide fast recharging capabilities. 
  • Compatibility: The new electronic SmartCuffs pump (for both consumer and Pro models) will work with our previous SmartCuffs® models from 2018 and 2019. 

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