Muhammed Javed subbah

Muhammed Javed subbah, always been an fitness enthusiast, after completing 5 year degree in physical therapy from India, concentrated work in hospitals for orthopedic, sports and neuro rehabilitation. Being active in sports from early age, had always been fascinated how body works and can be trained to such amazing abilities in different ways. In addition to clinical involvement, pursuit of knowledge for more, helped me to enhance my abilities to sever better.

Constant learning and working parallel in clinical, for fitness professionals, state and national players made me better in many different aspect of sports rehabilitation and training. Also being closely associated with Reebok for marathon runners, for training and injury prevention.

Teaching to physical therapists and fitness professional as Master Instructor of Barefoot Training Education from Evidence Based Fitness Academy; USA. Twist Master Coach from Twist Conditioning; Canada, Master Instructor for Trigger Point Therapy; UAS, been an amazing feeling to share my knowledge and practice which lead me to host Indians First International Education event “Barefoot Training Summit”.

Moves to dubai now, striving for more knowledge to server Middle East at California Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Center.

No matter who you are no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change.