Miguel Bacas Bastan

I finished physiotherapy studies in 2002 at Vic Univertsity.

Osteopathy D.O. in 2012 in Barcelona School of osteopathy (EOB) in agreement with European School of osteopathy (ESO,Maidstone, England).


I studied different postgraduate courses in physiotherapy and osteopathy:

– Diacutaneuos fibrolisis. K. Ekman technic. 2003. Zaragoza University.

– Neurologic system mobilization. 2003. INSTEMA Valencia.

– Paediatric osteopathy. 2012. Escuela Española de formación osteopática. Valencia.

– Osteopathy in the cranial field. 2014. British School of Osteopathy.

– Glandular disfunctions. Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment. Level1,2.  2013. Advanced Studies in Osteopathy. Barcelona.

– Ultrasound image in physiotherapy. 2014. INSTEMA. Valencia.

– EPI technic (intratissular percutaneous electrolysis). Levels 1,2,3. 2012-2015. CEREDE and Barcelona University (UAB).

– Strategic crossroads of the body. Jean-Pierre Barral. 2015 .Advanced Studies in Osteopathy. Barcelona.


– etc…


I work as osteopath on my own consulting center (FISIO KINESIS SC) since 2005, with a physiotherapists team specialized in acupunture, ultrasound image, EPI (intratissular percutaneous electrolysis), hypopressive abdominal work, dry needle, sport injuries,…